Pack A Novel By Mike Bockoven
Cherry, Nebraska, population 312, is just off the highway between the sticks and the boonies. It’s where Dave Rhodes and his friends have lived all their lives. They own businesses, raise families, pay taxes, deal with odd neighbors, and, once or twice a month--just like their fathers before them--transform into wolves.
It’s not a bad life, but when one of the group members goes astray, it sets in motion a series of events that will threaten to destroy the delicate balance that has kept Dave and his clan off the radar. Between a son getting ready for his first transformation--called The Scratch--a wife with sordid secrets, a new sheriff who knows nothing of the creatures in his midst, and a mysterious man in a bow tie with a shady agenda, the middle of nowhere is about to get very dangerous.
SubtitleA Novel
AuthorBy Mike Bockoven
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
Published3 July 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Mike Bockoven writes thriller/horror novels while his kids are in gymnastics class or at piano lessons. He lives with his wife, Sarah, two daughters, Emaline and Tessa and an exceptionally dumb wiener dog named Sherlock. You can find him at his website,, on Facebook (, and on Twitter @mikebockoven. He lives in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Praise for FantasicLand

"Utterly horrifying and impossible to put down—for a dozen reasons, but most of all, for how plausible the whole thing feels. Do not read this book after eating." --Rob Hart, author of the Anthony Award-nominated NEW YORKED

"Fantasticland is one wild ride! Disaster and isolation ratchet up the tension, and a theme park descends into mayhem that is both engaging and thrilling. Put your hands up and plunge in!"--Scott Seeke, author of Uncle Bush's Live Funeral, writer of the Sony film Get Low

"In the FantasticLand park itself, already a surreal mix of historical and pop-cultural structures, characters, and imagery, then mostly flooded and empty under rainy skies, what happens when less-than-fully-formed identities are forced to endure a month with no external contact? This grim, but not hopeless, novel is the answer."--William Grabowski,

"FantasticLand [is] totally up our alley. And with its setting of a theme park that’s been ravaged by a hurricane, it couldn’t be more timely."--Dread Central
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