Aftertaste By Andrew Post
An undead monster hunter must track down a killer, trailer-park-havoc-wreaking were-frog in this outrageous mash-up of Jim Butcher’s urban fantasy and George Romero’s zombie horror.

Before he died, Saelig Zilch was a chef. Now, posthumously recruited by a shadowy agency for reasons still unknown, tasked with keeping the public safe from things that go bump in the night, he hunts monsters.

Zilch scrabbles out of a North Carolina grave in someone else’s body. Someone recently dead. He only has a few days to find his bearings and carry out his latest mission, before the precious few nanobugs in his corpse shell are exhausted and he’s forced to start all over at the beginning. As he trudges down the main thoroughfare, he runs into Galavance. More accurately, she runs into him with her pink Chevy Cavalier.

A case of unfortunate timing? Maybe not. Turns out the critter Zilch has been dispatched to dispatch of—a murderous were-frog—squelches uncomfortably close to the trailer Galavance calls home. And come to think of it, Galavance's boyfriend Jolby has been spending a lot of nights out lately . . .

Stuffing gross-out humor, greasy fast food, and psychedelic amphibians into a blender on high, Aftertaste is a wild ride through life, afterlife, and the American South.
AuthorBy Andrew Post
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
Published3 October 2017
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Andrew Post spent the countless study halls of his formative years filling notebooks with science fiction and horror stories. Now he is the author of, among others, the sci-fi thriller Knuckleduster and the YA fantasy series The Fabrick Weavers. Andrew lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with his wife, who is also an author, and their two dogs.

“[A] grotesque Southern gothic that’s half Evil Dead, half Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. . . . with a hero whose loneliness just complements his lifelessness.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This darkly funny novel will appeal to readers who like gross-out humor balanced with just the right amount of existential angst.”—Publishers Weekly

“Imagine Anthony Bourdain's punk kid brother getting tossed into a monster comic and you'll understand why Andrew Post's Aftertaste is breathing new life into zombie fic. Dour, dark, and fun.” —Jason Ridler, author of Hex-Rated

“A fresh take on the monster-hunting genre with just the right ingredients: wry wit, the reanimated dead, and culinary madness.” —Pete Rawlik, author of The Weird Company and Reanimatrix

“A zombie gore-fest with bite and brains! Sure to connect with diehard fans of the genre.” —Scott Kenemore, author of Zombie-in-Chief: Eater of the Free World and Zombie, Ohio

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